The Secret of increasing your Ministry Without exhausting your congregation


How Do We 4x Your Church Attendance in 90 Days?

If you want your church to grow and the old days of going door to door are not working for you,

the Harvest Celebration campaign is what you need.

We give you tools to succeed in causing exponential growth within your congregation in not years, but in just days,

with results you can measure. We do this by creating a customized strategy based on your congregations needs and goals.

Like the churches in the Book of Revelations, every church will have their strengths and weakenesses.

We use those strengths and weakensses to grow a church tenfolds!

So if you are tired of seeing your congregation shrink, then this is your sign to book a consultation with me today and

sign up for our LIVE webinar. Your journey to seeing your church grow beyond your wildest imagination starts here!


We have 4 phases in this program.

Each of them comes with resources,

personalized consultations, and strategies that

have grown not one, nor two,

but multiple churches all over the

United States of America.


Typically my consultations are $200, but with the constant changes in the world and the DRASTIC decline of church members throughout the country,

I have decided to WAIVE the fee and speak with

as many church leaders as possible to combat

the unbelief that plagues our nation.

And if I don't AT LEAST DOUBLE your church attendance, you'll get a FULL REFUND.

The Process


This is where we begin.

I'll speak with you and

your congregation on

how the next 90 days will bring at MINIMUM 100 guests every Sunday.


Once I coach you and we get the congregation aligned to Harvest, I will consult and facilitate more direction

for the Harvest Festival.


We celebrate the victories of our efforts and see ways we can improve on reaching out. I will also provide customized recommendations on what is lacking in the outreach.


This is the 3 day event that reaches to the young church with the gospel! Here we see the fruition of all our hard work God's goodness.

Churches We Have Helped

Mt. Zion Apostolic Church

Indianapolis, Indiana

1st Apostolic Church

Baltimore, Maryland

Victory Fellowship

Moreno, California

Shield of Faith Christian Center

Pomona, California

Gospel Memorial Church of God in Christ

Long Beach, California

Created for So Much More Ministry

Baltimore Maryland

New Direction Ministry

Pomona, California

Living Water Apostolic Church

Marion, Indiana

Christ Temple Christian Center

Louisville, Kentucky

Overview of Harvest Program




Pastor David Horn

Pastor David Horn is the pastor of

BCC Life Changing Ministries Family Worship Center in Ontario, CA,

where needs are met not only spiritually through weekly worship service, but through community activities and programs, too. He has spoken at numerous conferences and revivals, and preached in nations all across the globe, such as

Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Kenya.

Through Harvest Celebration, he has helped churches with dwindling attendance numbers experience incredible growth.

He believes in taking the stress out of traditional evangelism by offering a fresh perspective.

Quadruple Your Church Attendance In

90 Days Guaranteed With The Harvest Celebration Church Growth Strategy Now!

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